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Les Schaffer godzilla at netmeg.net
Wed Sep 15 10:29:07 EDT 1999

> Did you configure "--with-patented"?  Do you have the patented lib
> path in your PYTHONPATH?

this is not the problem....

python is loading the library, but it has an undefined symbol.....

the symbol comes in from 

nm vtkSliceCubesPython.o | grep vtkVolumeReader_Typecast
         U vtkVolumeReader_Typecast__FPvPc

it is defined in libVTKGraphicsPython.so, so if you add a -l for that
lib to the make for the patented lib, it works fine...

ie, change line in the Makefile in the patented subdir from:

PYTHON_LIBS = -L${VTK_OBJ}/graphics -lVTKGraphics -L../common -lVTKCommonPython ${XLIBS} ${GRAPHICS_API_LIBS}


PYTHON_LIBS = -L${VTK_OBJ}/graphics -lVTKGraphics -lVTKGraphicsPython -L../common -lVTKCommonPython ${XLIBS} ${GRAPHICS_API_LIBS}

and rebuild libVTKPatentedPython.so all is well -- headBone, for
example  runs fine (well, almost fine, it runs okay but i dont have
the vtkdata installed yet)


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