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Rainer Carstens rcarsten at gmx.de
Wed Sep 15 10:00:03 EDT 1999

As I know, vtk is mostly free; mostly says, vtk includes parts that
aren't free. So there exist two versions of the lib: the one without
those non-free classes and the other one, that was compiled with
The patented lib includes for example the sweptSurface-class and 
(as I believe) some algorithms about the marchingCubes classes and
those that are derived from it.
Anyway, the patented libs and the sources of them are part of the
vtk-distributions (they were at least in 2.3) and can be used - under
Linux You can copy or link the patented lib where the other
vtklib lives (/usr/local/lib or somwhere there around; don't forgett
to ldconfig...)


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