Compiling with Java on SGI

Randy Heiland heiland at
Wed Sep 8 10:36:29 EDT 1999

>         CC  -n32 -mips3 -avoid_gp_overflow -g -DVTK_USE_NATIVE_IMAGING
-DVTK_USE_GRAPHICS -I./../imaging -DVTK_USE_IMAGING -I./../patented
-DVTK_USE_PATENTED  -DVTK_USE_OGLR     -I./../common    -I/usr/java/include
-I/usr/java/include/irix  -c java/vtkActor2DJava.cxx -o java/vtkActor2DJava.o
> "java/vtkActor2DJava.cxx", line 35: error(1020): identifier "jref" is
>   extern "C" JNIEXPORT jint  JNICALL
Java_vtk_vtkActor2D_RenderOverlay_11(JNIEnv *env, jobject obj,jref id0)
> I use a java version 1.1.6.
> An other question: does vtk support jdk version 1.2 ?

In ref to your error, I believe you need to make the following substitution:
in vtk/wrap/vtkWrapJava.c:  "jref" -> "jobject"


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