linux/x11 problem

David Gobbi dgobbi at
Sun Sep 5 14:00:54 EDT 1999

Hi Les,

On Sun, 5 Sep 1999, Les Schaffer wrote:

> >>>>> ">" == David Gobbi <dgobbi at> writes:
>     >> Hi Les, I've seen this since VTK 2.2 or VTK 2.3, but you're the
>     >> first person to report it to the list. 
> hope that doesnt make me a troublemaker... :-)

No indeed, I'm always glad to hear that other people are using
VTK+Python.  More power to us.
>     >> Add:
>     >>  renWin.Render()
>     >> before:
>     >>  iren.Initialize()
> yeah i found this to be so too, except, for some reason, with,
> which still wants a click in the window.

Odd.  For me the fix works universally (but, again, shouldn't be
necessary in the first place).
> also, i didnt realize there is a new way of running/installing the
> python stuff -- with a vtkpython module that now does all the
> importing from libVTK* i didnt have that installed when i
> first reported problems. 

> i put all python stuff by hand into the site-packages/VTK directory
> and added a VTK.pth statement. 

The python stuff will require a manual install for some time to come,
though I will be updating the README.python file to assist with this.
For myself, I never actually do a 'make install' because I always
have two versions of VTK going at once, and switch between them
by setting the LD_LIBRARY_PATH and PYTHONPATH.

> for some reason the install parts of
> the Makefiles are hosed: it balks about
> make[1]: *** No rule to make target `install_tcl_java_python'.  Stop.
> etc etc. so i did the installs by hand. not sure what the difference
> is between things like and the executable
> vtkTkRenderWidget. obviously its now time to learn how to use this
> huge visualization system!

The vtkRenderWidget is very new -- expect minor changes before 3.0 comes
out.   You want to load, which is a python wrapper
for the vtkTkRenderWidget (which is a Tk extension module).  If you
use Tkinter, you'll want to try it.

 - David

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