Continous Build Dashboard

Bill Lorensen wlorens1 at
Sun Sep 5 12:54:59 EDT 1999

	Jim Miller and I have just started a continuous vtk build. You can see the 
results at: 

Currently, the build is performed on a Sun Solaris system using the Sun 
unbundled CC compiler.

The build works as follows:
1) Periodically, we query the cvs repository to see if something has changed.
2) If there are changes, we update the build tree and start a build.
3) When the build ends, we scan the log file for any errors. If there are 
we turn the status to red and send e-mail to anyone who checked in a change 
the last build.

Currently, we just do a compile. We hope to add single "smoke tests" for 
C++, java,
tcl and python.

Why do this when we already have a nightly dashboard:

We have become so reliant on the nightly tests, that we hate to miss a 
night of testing
because of a compilation or wrapping problem.

Not all vtk developers have access to all of the platforms we test on at 
GE. Also, not
all developers build with tcl, java AND python. We hope the continuous 
build will catch these
easily fixed problems.


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