linux/x11 problem

Les Schaffer godzilla at
Sun Sep 5 13:42:48 EDT 1999

Hi David:

>>>>> ">" == David Gobbi <dgobbi at> writes:

    >> Hi Les, I've seen this since VTK 2.2 or VTK 2.3, but you're the
    >> first person to report it to the list. 

hope that doesnt make me a troublemaker... :-)

    >> As far as I know, it is
    >> present all unix systems (though not Windows) and can be
    >> demonstrated in a large number of the examples:,
    >>,  It doesn't affect the tcl examples.

right. the java or c++ examples also work fine for me without clicking 
or the fix you stated.

    >> Add:
    >>  renWin.Render()
    >> before:
    >>  iren.Initialize()

yeah i found this to be so too, except, for some reason, with,
which still wants a click in the window.

also, i didnt realize there is a new way of running/installing the
python stuff -- with a vtkpython module that now does all the
importing from libVTK* i didnt have that installed when i
first reported problems. 

i put all python stuff by hand into the site-packages/VTK directory
and added a VTK.pth statement. for some reason the install parts of
the Makefiles are hosed: it balks about

make[1]: *** No rule to make target `install_tcl_java_python'.  Stop.

etc etc. so i did the installs by hand. not sure what the difference
is between things like and the executable
vtkTkRenderWidget. obviously its now time to learn how to use this
huge visualization system!

thanks again. 

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