Proposal for minor modifications

Berthold Höllmann bhoel at
Wed Jun 30 04:04:36 EDT 1999

M.Schrijver at wrote:
> Hello all,
> I've build the vtk libraries multiple times now (using MS VC++ 6.0), and
> I find myself changing the same files over and over again in order to
> complie it all. If I don't change those files, I cannot build. So, maybe
> some of you also noticed them, and they can be changed in the code. If
> not, please let me know what I did wrong, and how I can change the
> settings in order to circumvent these problems ....

> 6) vtkbin/vtktcl/makefile
> duplicate the macro definition of CPP_PROJ to something like
> CPP_PROJ_noopt, and delete the /O2 switch from that second version. Then
> change the rule for $(OUTDIR)\vtktcl.obj to use this second (non
> optimizing) compiler switches. This because the compiler complains that
> the function in vtktcl.cxx is too large to be optimized.


> Besides these modifications necessary to compile, I also change some
> other things to make life a bit easier:
> 8) In all makefiles, put '@' signs in front of the $(CPP), $(CPP_PARSE),
> $(LINK32), etc. commands.
> This will give much less output on your screen when compiling.

Please don't do so. First I like to watch the process of the
compiling:-), but more important, If I have problems like the one stated
in 6) I can simply cut and paste the last command before make stopped
from the terminal, paste it, and play with the arguments and look what
> I hope some of these modifications are recognized, and incorperated in
> one of the next releases.
> Greetings, Marc

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