meshing question

Alan Patterson alan.patterson at
Fri Jun 25 04:43:35 EDT 1999

Hi All,
    I have created a small app that allows you to create geometry
scenes, i.e. you can create spheres, cubes, extrusions etc. I also allow
you to set the position, scale and orientation of the shape using the

My problem is that I want to mesh these shapes onto an unstructured grid
(cubic mesh) for input to a finite-difference program. I know
vtkExtractGeometryFilter does something similar but uses implicit
functions. However, this isn't exactly what I want. 1) it can't mesh
arbitrary poly data (for example a byu file) and 2) it's meshing will be
slightly wrong (for me) because all cells have to be entirely inside the
shape and so will be smaller than expected.

I was thinking of examining the polydata directly and creating the mesh
from that. Does anybody have any ideas of how I can go about this?


p.s. if anyone is interested in such an app, especially the geomtery
creation I'll be glad to make it available.

Alan Patterson            Algorithm Software Engineer
Nexan Telemed Ltd.,       +44 1223 713500
The Quorum, Barnwell Rd,  +44 1223 713501 (fax)
Cambridge CB5 8RE.        alan.patterson at

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