VTK2.3 and vtkScalarBarActor

Stéphane MOREAU moreau at adersa.asso.fr
Wed Jun 16 10:33:50 EDT 1999

  Hi vtkUsers

I'm working with VTK2.3 under JAVA (JDK1.2) on Win NT4.
There are many differences between VTK2.2 and VTK2.3
in vtkScalarBarActor. The function SetFontSize(int) doesn't
exist anymore in vtkScalarBarActor in VTK2.3.

How can I change the size of the font of the labels of the scalar bar ?
The labels near the scalarbar are very small so I can't read them.

There's another difference : what is the function SetPosition2 in
The function SetPosition(0,0) doesn't center the scalar bar in the
like in VTK2.2. So, how can I put the scalar bar on the left of the
viewport ?

In VTK2.2, the scalar bar was flashing when rotating an actor. This
problem is solved in VTK2.3, but the functions have changed ....

Thanks for you help !

Stéphane MOREAU
Ingénieur de recherche
Tél : 01-60-13-53-47
Fax : 01-69-20-05-63
mailto:moreau at adersa.asso.fr

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