compiling in Win95

Miguel Angel Martin Fernandez vtk at
Wed Jun 16 07:17:18 EDT 1999

Hi, I'm trying to compile vtk in Win95 and I have a problem with Tlink.
I'm using Borlanc CBuilder v1.0 and vtk2.0. When I try to compile i have
this error message on screen:

Make Config
        Copy MAKE0000.@@@ CPP_PROJ.CFG
        1 archivo(s) copiado(s)
        tlink32.exe @MAKE0001.@@@
Turbo Link  Version Copyright (c) 1993,1997 Borland International
Fatal: Expected an option: Ç

** error 2 ** deleting vtktcl.dll

                         Santiago Aja Fernández
                          ETSI Telecomunicaion
                       Universidad de Valladolid
                         Campus Miguel Delibes 
                    e-mail: miguel at
                      Tfono: 983-423000 ext: 25547

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