Recent Additions

Ken Martin ken.martin at
Tue Jun 15 15:16:19 EDT 1999

Some quick notes.

1) I have checked in a simple vtkPostScriptWriter I wrote
a while back. It just converts an image into postscript. 
Nothing fancy, but it is a start.

2) I have checked in Martin Aeschlimann <aeschli at> 
fixes to the java wrapper to support proper method lookup for 
vtkobjects returned from vtk methods.

3) I have added support for a new directory called local. 
Currently it has nothing in it. But you can add your own
code there instead of in contrib which has quite a few 
classes in it. (this is only on UNIX right now)

Check the dashboard before downloading the nightly release tomorrow 
morning as some of these changes may cause problems on some 

- Ken

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