Jordi Cabot cabot at
Tue Jun 15 12:55:55 EDT 1999


I've got a glyph object with a number of spheres which intersect with a
polydata surface. I'd like to get the surface resulting from that
intersection (the whole kind of circle -not the contour of the kind of
circle). When trying with a sphere as ClipObject it works fine, but when
I try to use the glyph as ClipObject (before I use vtkImplicitDataSet,
shouldn't I do this?) it results in running errors. 

> vtkImplicitDataSet impData
>  impData SetDataSet [glyph GetOutput]
> vtkClipPolyData clip
>  clip SetInput [brainReader GetOutput]
>  clip SetClipFunction impData
>   clip GenerateClippedOutputOn
>   clip GenerateClipScalarsOn
>   clip SetValue 0
> vtkPolyDataMapper clipMapper 
>  clipMapper SetInput [clip GetClippedOutput]
>  clipMapper ScalarVisibilityOff

Thanks in advance,


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