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Hi Russell-

At 04:07 PM 6/10/99 -0400, \"Russell Burgett\" <\"Russell Burgett\" wrote:
>I would like to represent vectors with arrows as my glyph.
>I have tried using vtkGlyph3D with my own polydata arrow as the source,
>however I am not getting the correct orientation. Are there special
>as to how I construct my source arrow ? Does the arrow need a specific
>initial orientation ?

I believe the orientation is pointing down the x axis and centered at the origin. You can use a transform filter to do this.

>Is there a way to use vtkHedgeHog with arrows rather than lines ?

>Is there an "arrow" version of vtkHedgeHog ?

>Is there an "arrow" source like vtkConeSource ?
Resolution == 2 creates two crossed triangles, Resolution == 1 creates a single triangle, Resolution == 0 creates a line.


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