vtkStripper bug/feature...

Bill Lorensen wlorens1 at nycap.rr.com
Thu Jun 10 18:02:41 EDT 1999

Looks like a reasonable solution. We'll add it soon (not for a week or so 
while I'm on vacation).


At 03:45 PM 6/10/99 -0500, Matthew Hall wrote:
>If the vtkStripper filter is passed a poly dataset with no polydata,
>then an error is printed, and no change is made to the output dataset.
>Why shouldn't the stripper be able to handle empty polydata?
>(In our work, we are interactively finding isosurfaces of several
>structured points datasets (where the contour value is the same for
>all the sets). At some isovalues, some of these sets will contain
>no data, and hence, be invisible. Unfortunately vtkStripper gives a
>warning each time this happens, AND will leave the previous isosurface
>in place!)
>We work around this by changing vtkStripper.cxx as such:
>Replace lines 79-83 (the error checker) with just the call:
>and then change line 115 from:
>   visited = new char[numCells];
>   visited = new char[numCells+1];
>(alternately, you can change
>   delete[] visited;
>   if (visited) delete[] visited;
>It would be nice to see something like this added to the vtkStripper.

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