OpenGL Textures

Bill Lorensen wlorens1 at
Thu Jun 10 18:00:50 EDT 1999

We only resample texture is it is not a power of two. You can control
interpolation of the vtkTexture with: InterpolateOn or Off. The default is
off, so you should not be seeing any interpolated values.


At 02:57 PM 6/10/99 +0100, John Biddiscombe wrote:
>Dear All,
>I am aware that vtk resamples Textures to power of 2 for OpenGL
>Does it also resample large ones?
>I ask because I've got a 2048x2048 image I'm mappin to a plane and zooming
>in on and some pixels are grey. I thought they should be black or white
>only, if vtk has resampled it then that explains it.
>If OpenGL is to blame, will buying a graphics card with oodles of RAM on
>board fix the problem.
>John B

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