installation unsuccessful: vtk core dumps with example files

Bryan VanDeVen bryanv at
Thu Dec 9 15:11:30 EST 1999

Hrm. Seems this came up before.  I think it indicates a problem linking
to the OpenGL libs.  Maybe you could try installing them again? or make
sure that their location is in LD_LIBRARY_PATH at least

Madhavan Lakshmiraghavan wrote:
> Hi Bryan,
> I have tried building a couple of the C++ examples and they core dump also but
> in a different place. Here is the stack trace for those:
> (gdb) where
> #0  vtkRenderWindow::AddRenderer (this=0x0, ren=0x17e500)
>     at vtkRenderWindow.cxx:723
> #1  0x5b450 in main (argc=1, argv=0xffbefc4c) at Cube.cxx:24
> (gdb)
> Again, it shows a null pointer which is why the program is core dumping  with a
> segmentation violation.  Maybe you might know what is causing it.
> Raghavan

>> Well of course you can see that calling a member function with a null
>> "this" pointer is the cause of your segfault.  Unfortunately I have not
>> seen this happen in the case of vtkObject before.  Perhaps the someone
>> else or kitware folks have some clue.  Ideas, anyone?
>> Also, do you have all the relevant OpenGL packages and packages form
>> Creator3D installed?  If not, check out 
>>  And you might also build
>> and try some of the C++ examples in graphics/examplesCxx and
>> imaging/examplesCxx.  If those don't work either then you can narrow it
>> down to being a vtk problem, otherwise if they do work, maybe it's a Tcl
>> problem.

Bryan Van de Ven
Applied Research Labs
University of Texas, Austin

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