installation unsuccessful: vtk core dumps with example files

Bill Hoffman bill.hoffman at
Thu Dec 9 16:21:29 EST 1999

<x-flowed>Check your system.make file which was generated by configure.
I would bet that GRAPHICS_API_FLAGS is not set.   It would
seem that configure did not find your opengl.   So, vtk is configured to
run with no graphics, and that is why it creates a null renderwindow.

Here is the part of that looks for opengl.
If your machine does not have opengl in one of these directories, then
it will not be found.   The fix is to add it to user.make, or move your
opengl to a more standard location.

AC_CHECK_HEADERS(GL/gl.h, [use_oglr=yes])
# some linux OpenGL servers hide the includes in /usr/X11R6/include/GL

AC_MSG_CHECKING(for OpenGL library)
dirs="/opt/graphics/OpenGL/lib /usr/openwin/lib /usr/X11R6/lib"

At 02:11 PM 12/9/99 -0600, you wrote:
>Hrm. Seems this came up before.  I think it indicates a problem linking
>to the OpenGL libs.  Maybe you could try installing them again? or make
>sure that their location is in LD_LIBRARY_PATH at least
>Madhavan Lakshmiraghavan wrote:
> >
> > Hi Bryan,
> >
> > I have tried building a couple of the C++ examples and they core dump 
> also but
> > in a different place. Here is the stack trace for those:
> >
> > (gdb) where
> > #0  vtkRenderWindow::AddRenderer (this=0x0, ren=0x17e500)
> >     at vtkRenderWindow.cxx:723
> > #1  0x5b450 in main (argc=1, argv=0xffbefc4c) at Cube.cxx:24
> > (gdb)
> >
> > Again, it shows a null pointer which is why the program is core 
> dumping  with a
> > segmentation violation.  Maybe you might know what is causing it.
> >
> > Raghavan
> >> Well of course you can see that calling a member function with a null
> >> "this" pointer is the cause of your segfault.  Unfortunately I have not
> >> seen this happen in the case of vtkObject before.  Perhaps the someone
> >> else or kitware folks have some clue.  Ideas, anyone?
> >>
> >> Also, do you have all the relevant OpenGL packages and packages form
> >> Creator3D installed?  If not, check out
> >>  And you might also build
> >> and try some of the C++ examples in graphics/examplesCxx and
> >> imaging/examplesCxx.  If those don't work either then you can narrow it
> >> down to being a vtk problem, otherwise if they do work, maybe it's a Tcl
> >> problem.

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