Problems with VTK2.4

Andrew Uplinger a_uplinger at
Tue Aug 31 11:21:27 EDT 1999


I tried mailing this earlier, but it didn't seem to make it.

I have the following system:

Processor: Pentium III 500 MHz
Video Card: STB nVidia TNT 16 Mb
Memory: 128 Mb
Operating System: Windows98
VTK Version: 2.4.0
VTKSourceVersion: Revision: 1.211  Date: 1999/06/30 17:48:40

Some of the renderings that I do give "strange" results.
When I view the volume.tcl example, the slice view "window" is blank.
I have written some tcl scripts to map molecular orbitals on top of a
molecule.  The molecular orbitals are visualized as isosurfaces.  When the
isosurface is opaque, the visualization looks great.  When the isosurfaces
are made transparent, the visualization doesn't look right.  When the
scripts are executed using VTK 2.0, the visualization looks great, even when
the isosurfaces are transparent.

When I view the same scripts on a different system:

Processor: Pentium II 450 MHz
VideoCard: EON Picasso 8Mb
Memory: 64 Mb
Operating System: Windows95
VTK Version: 2.4.0
VTKSourceVersion: Revision: 1.211  Date: 1999/06/30 17:48:40

The volume.tcl example works properly, but I get the same results when
visualizing the molecular orbitals.  Again, the scripts work correctly with
VTK 2.0.

I have used the "renderman" exporter to create images that look correct.

Has anyone else observed these "strange" results?   Is this an
incompatability problem with my
'video' system?  I have screen shots showing this at the following site:

If this has already been addressed and I missed it, my apologies in advance.

Any tips, suggestions, and/or advice is greatly appreciated.


Andrew Uplinger

ps.  Great Product!!!

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