vtk and DecUnix Update

harsh at lanl.gov harsh at lanl.gov
Tue Aug 31 10:43:58 EDT 1999

Again, thanks for all the replies but Dec's cxx complier 6.0 has a
problem, vtk 2.3 compiled fine with version 6.2.


> Thanks, for all the replies but I wasn't clear enough about my problem.
> I'm tring to use the DecUnix C++ complier, cxx. I have an Alpha the has
> egcc 2.91.66, and vtk2.3 compiles "right out of the box". The second machine
> has only cxx. the compiler warns about the Xlibs not having all the routines 
> type defined, but it set them to ints which looks ok, but during the compile
> vtkXRenderWindow I get
> Assertion failure: walk_constant_expression: uninitialized variable
> The error occurs in "vtkXRenderWindowInteractor.cxx", at line 607 char offset
> GEM ASSertion, Compiler internal error - please submit problem report
> This occurs during the compile stage and a call to Dec didn't prove helpful. 
> Has anyone gotten cxx to compile vtk2.3? Or should I just install the egcs
> compiler?
> Thanks,
> Jim

Jim Harsh  E-Mail: harsh at lanl.gov
Los Alamos National Laboratory, MS P940
Los Alamos, NM 87545
505-665-0485, FAX - 505-665-3359
Date: 31-Aug-99,Time: 07:40:32

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