Matthew Hall mahall at math.uiuc.edu
Tue Aug 31 18:30:30 EDT 1999

Jan Stifter wrote:
> if i take the internal matrix with GetMatrix, in this matrix are the
> position, origin, scale and orientation of this object. how can i set this
> position, origin, scale and orientation to another object? i miss the
> opposite: vtkActor::SetMatrix.
> do i have to extract first the postion, origin, scale and orientation from
> these 16 floats and then use the commands SetPosition, SetScale,
> SetOrientation and SetOrigin? if yes, how can i know, which values are the
> right ones?
> thanks in advance
> jan

Since an Actor is a subclass of vtkProp3D, you should still have the 
routines actor->GetUserMatrix and actor SetUserMatrix. 
(At least in vtk2.3 and below). Just make sure that the second actor
is the Identity (default) as the SetUserMatrix call doen't really
set the matrix, but applies it to the extant matrix. If the 
second actor's matrix has been changed (via a SetScale/Position,etc.
you can call all the above routines, passing all 1's for scale, and
all 0's for everything else.


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