vtk and wxWindows

Brian Alexander Todd bat5 at po.cwru.edu
Wed Aug 18 18:49:21 EDT 1999


Thanks for your response.  Unfortunately I am currently working
under Win32, although I was going to go the other direction and
port to GTK when I was finished.  At any rate I would very much
appreciate a look at your class.

Have you thought about using the wx document/view framework to
draw vtk windows?  This is essentially the wx equivalent of the
MFC example (ugview2) that the vtk distribution gives?  That was
the direction that I was heading to as it seems that 
overriding the OnDraw() virtual function of a view sets me up
to display, print, copy, ... and all of the other things in the
document/view framework.  Would you happen to know if there are
performance issues with this or any other problems?

Brian Todd
At 02:23 PM 8/18/99 -0500, you wrote:
>If you working under Unix with GTK, I may be able to help.  I've created a
>new wx class, wxVtkPanel, which contains a vtkRenderWindow and Interactor.
>The render window (which is GTK-specific) is largely based on the
>vtkGtkRenderWindow written by Matt Howlett.  I intend to write a Win32
>version, but haven't done it yet.  I haven't thought much about a Motif
>version, although I'll probably try it eventually.
>The interactor, vtkWxMappedInteractor, is not platform-specific.
>If you're interested in this code, I can send you the files.
>Once upon a time, David Gobbi wrote:
>> I hate to write a "Me, too!" post, but I am also very interested
>> in this.  I have bound a vtkRenderWindow to a wxGLCanvas in
>> wxPython with limited success, i.e. the updates are not synchronized 
>> and the vtkRenderWindow is overdrawn with grey immediately after it
>> is rendered.
>> One issue with wxWindows is that it doesn't provide an easy method for
>> getting the X-Window handle for a window.  This makes it hard to bind
>> a wxWindow to a vtkRenderWindow.  My own version of wxWindows
>> has been hacked to provide this information.
>> On Wed, 18 Aug 1999, Brian Alexander Todd wrote:
>> > Has anyone done any work with vtk in wxWindows?
>> > I would be interested in any insights or even better
>> > any classes that have already been written!
>John Norris
>Center for Simulation of Advanced Rockets
>jnorris at uiuc.edu
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