compiling vtktcl.dll with borland

John Biddiscombe j.biddiscombe at
Tue Aug 17 05:15:51 EDT 1999

>C:\...\tk80.lib contains invalid OMF record, type 0x21
>The linker documentation suggests that this indicates that the .lib file is
>corrupted.  Is this the case, or is there something I am missing?  Thanks
>in advance for all help or suggestions.

Lib files are generally distributed by people using Microsoft compilers.
The lib file is a binary file and unfortunately Borland uses a different
format for their lib files.

If you can locate tk80.dll (I have no idea if such a file exists) run
implib.exe which is in your Borland/CBuilder4/bin directory (or similar).
It'll take a dll as input and spit out a lib as output. You can then link
to the lib as usual.

try implib /? for syntax

John B

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