compiling vtktcl.dll with borland

Richard A. Ketcham richk at
Wed Aug 18 12:31:18 EDT 1999

Many thanks to John Biddiscombe for help thus far.  I have one final hurdle:

The PCMaker-generated makefile for vtktcl.dll had no reference to the tk
widgets (vtkTkRenderWidget, vtkTkImageViewerWidget, and
vtkTkImageWindowWidget), and I got unresolved external link errors for
their init methods (this doesn't seem right - is there a reason they are
left out?).  I added the source files to the makefile, and the result is a
new unresolved external error for TkWinChildProc, which is defined as an
external in TkWinInt.h.  Where is this supposed to be?

Once again, thanks in advance for any help anyone can provide.

Rich Ketcham

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