vtk and DecUnix

harsh at lanl.gov harsh at lanl.gov
Thu Aug 12 17:04:39 EDT 1999

Thanks, for all the replies but I wasn't clear enough about my problem.
I'm tring to use the DecUnix C++ complier, cxx. I have an Alpha the has
egcc 2.91.66, and vtk2.3 compiles "right out of the box". The second machine
has only cxx. the compiler warns about the Xlibs not having all the routines 
type defined, but it set them to ints which looks ok, but during the compile of 
vtkXRenderWindow I get

Assertion failure: walk_constant_expression: uninitialized variable encountered

The error occurs in "vtkXRenderWindowInteractor.cxx", at line 607 char offset 6
GEM ASSertion, Compiler internal error - please submit problem report

This occurs during the compile stage and a call to Dec didn't prove helpful. 

Has anyone gotten cxx to compile vtk2.3? Or should I just install the egcs


Jim Harsh  E-Mail: harsh at lanl.gov
Los Alamos National Laboratory, MS P940
Los Alamos, NM 87545
505-665-0485, FAX - 505-665-3359
Date: 12-Aug-99,Time: 13:16:39

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