volume resizing

Charles Law charles.law at kitware.com
Wed Aug 11 07:20:47 EDT 1999

>(say the anterior skull base) is mapped with high resolution (say 1mm
>slices, which give a resolution of 0.48mm x 0.48mm x 2mm vovoxel size)
>while the region of lower interest (say remainder of skull base) is
>mapped awith a lower resolution. I want to reconstruct a 3D view of the
>Now I need to create a volume from my CT scans with uniform voxel size
>(e. g. by interpolation) to a uniform 1mm x 1mm x 1mm voxel size.


Assuming the slices are parallel ...

Create two vtkImageReaders.  Setup the FilePattern, DataExtents, and 
DataSpacing to read the separate volumes properly.  Pass each through 
vtkImageResample to get uniform sampling. Use vtkImageTranslateExtent and 
vtkImageClip to align the data and to make sure the xy extents are the 
same.  Then append the two volumes together with vtkImageAppend.

You can then do what ever you like with the single volume. (i.e. write out 
with vtkImageWriter, extract geometry, probe with planes, find an iso 


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