MarchingCubes & SunOS/GNU Compiler Error

Charles Law at
Tue Aug 10 15:45:38 EDT 1999

<x-flowed>At 09:22 AM 8/10/99 -0400, Anthony Sacramone wrote:
>Dear Kitware support:
>I purchased the VTK book a year or 2 ago and have
>finally gotten around to using it. I have 2 questions
>which I have submitted to BillL and the VTK user group
>but have gotten no response.
>I am desparate, and hope you can help.
>First item:
>1. I cannot run TCL scripts that use Marching cubes on
>    my PC-NT machine, from the CD that came with the book.
>    A student of ours wrote a script a year ago and it
>    complains about vtkMarchingCubes.  Is there something
>    patent related that is causing this ???
>    As a result, I thought compiling on my old UNIX box
>    might give me better luck by compiling marching cubes.
>    I tried that......which leads me to item #2....

Early precompiled windows executables were not compiled
with the patented kit.  I believe Ken has a new set of files
in which you can get the Patented libraries as well.

If you use the vtkContour filter, it will work without the patented
marching cubes class, but it will be slower.

>2. Compiling VTK-2.3 (download) on SunOS-5.6 (Solaris-2.6)
>    using GNU. I get an error on graphics/vtkHyperStreamline.cxx.
>    The assembler is complaining about a constant:


I can't help you here.


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