internal compilier error!!!: Pl. suggest

Dr. Jasjit Suri jsuri at
Tue Aug 10 10:35:39 EDT 1999

vtkImageQuantizeRGBToIndex.cxx: In function `void
vtkImageQuantizeRGBToIndex *, class vtkImageData *, double *, class
vtkImageData *, short unsigned int *)':
vtkImageQuantizeRGBToIndex.cxx:416: Internal compiler error.
vtkImageQuantizeRGBToIndex.cxx:416: Please submit a full bug report to
`bug-g++ at'.
*** Exit 1
*** Exit 1


I am getting an internal compilier error as shown above.
I tried 5 different configure options,
--with-tcl etc etc..
configure passes fine all 5 times..

As i am using the gcc 2.8.1, i added some linking libs.
I appended the linking lib's as shown below in the Makefile file
provided by the VTK.

targets: ${srcdir}/targets.cxx ${srcdir}/makedepend.cxx
    ${CXX} -o targets ${srcdir}/targets.cxx ${srcdir}/makedepend.cxx
-lstdc++ -lgcc -lobjc -lc

I also tried the -fexternal-templates option of language
but the error does not seem to go...

Pl. suggest if you can, thanks.


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