MarchingCubes & SunOS/GNU Compiler Error

Anthony Sacramone asacramone at
Tue Aug 10 09:22:59 EDT 1999

Dear Kitware support:

I purchased the VTK book a year or 2 ago and have
finally gotten around to using it. I have 2 questions
which I have submitted to BillL and the VTK user group
but have gotten no response.

I am desparate, and hope you can help.

First item:

1. I cannot run TCL scripts that use Marching cubes on
   my PC-NT machine, from the CD that came with the book.
   A student of ours wrote a script a year ago and it
   complains about vtkMarchingCubes.  Is there something
   patent related that is causing this ???

   As a result, I thought compiling on my old UNIX box
   might give me better luck by compiling marching cubes.
   I tried that......which leads me to item #2....

2. Compiling VTK-2.3 (download) on SunOS-5.6 (Solaris-2.6)
   using GNU. I get an error on graphics/vtkHyperStreamline.cxx.

   The assembler is complaining about a constant:

   /usr/ccs/bin/as: "/vsr/tmp/[xxxx].s",
   line1471: constant value must be between -4096 and 4095

   where [xxxx] is the name of the temp object file, which name changes for
   each attempt. There was an assignment in the code to the value 5000. I
   that to 4000 to no avail. I am an expert C programmer and I have never
   this before.

   Does anyone have a clue ??

Any help with either of these would be very much appreciated.
BTW, I plan on buying the User's Guide ASAP....but that's only
if I can get started here.

Thanks for your time.

Anthony Sacramone     Image Recognition Systems Group
C.S. Draper Labs      Phone: 617-258-4206
555 Technology Sq     FAX:   617-258-2942
Cambridge, MA 02139   email: asacramone at

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