Err compiling vtkHyperStreamline.cxx

Anthony Sacramone asacramone at
Mon Aug 9 16:56:55 EDT 1999

Compiling on SunOS-5.6 (Solaris-2.6).
So, I am using gmake -sunos5-gcc-sl.
I get an error on graphics/vtkHyperStreamline.cxx.

The assembler is complaining about a const:

/usr/ccs/bin/as: "/vsr/tmp/[xxxx].s",
line1471: constant value must be between -4096 and 4095

where [xxxx] is the name of the temp object file, which name changes for
each attempt.

Does anyone have a clue ???????????????????

Anthony Sacramone     Image Recognition Systems Group
C.S. Draper Labs      Phone: 617-258-4206
555 Technology Sq     FAX:   617-258-2942
Cambridge, MA 02139   email: asacramone at

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