Bug in vtkVRMLExporter ?

Paul Hsieh pahsieh at usgs.gov
Tue Aug 3 13:22:56 EDT 1999

You can turn the headlights on the VRML file as follows.
Before you export the VRML file, remove all the lights in
your renderer. This will force vtkVRMLExporter to add a headlight. 
(See the WriteData() method of vtkVRMLExporter.) Then after
your have exported your VRML file, you can turn the lights
back on.

"Per Rønsholt Andresen" wrote:
> Hi,
> The light does not follow the viewpoint making the object disappear when turning it.
> See  http://www.imm.dtu.dk/~pra/mandible.wrl for an example.
> The model is loaded as a VTK-file and saved as VRML in "Decimate" (graphics/examplesTcl/Decimate.tcl)
> Software: VTK nightly release from August, 2nd, 1999
> BTW: Is it possible to make animations in the VRML file when using VTK ?
> Thanks in advance,
> Per

Peter Carr wrote:
> I went to the page. Using Netscape with CosmoPlayer plug-in.
> In the Cosmo preferences -> World -> Turn Headlight on.
> This cause the world to render much better. I don't know (off the top of
> my head) how to specify in the VRML file that the headlight should be on
> by default but I am almost certain there is a way to do it.
> - Peter Carr

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