Bug in vtkVRMLExporter ?

Peter Carr pjc at bu.edu
Tue Aug 3 10:33:03 EDT 1999

"Per Rønsholt Andresen" wrote:

> Hi,
> The light does not follow the viewpoint making the object disappear
> when turning it.
> See  http://www.imm.dtu.dk/~pra/mandible.wrl for an example.
> The model is loaded as a VTK-file and saved as VRML in "Decimate"
> (graphics/examplesTcl/Decimate.tcl)
> Software: VTK nightly release from August, 2nd, 1999
> BTW: Is it possible to make animations in the VRML file when using VTK
> ?

I went to the page. Using Netscape with CosmoPlayer plug-in.
In the Cosmo preferences -> World -> Turn Headlight on.
This cause the world to render much better. I don't know (off the top of
my head) how to specify in the VRML file that the headlight should be on
by default but I am almost certain there is a way to do it.

- Peter Carr

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