Repost: VRML file?

John Biddiscombe j.biddiscombe at
Mon Aug 2 04:40:06 EDT 1999

>I was using the follwing code to save a scene into a VRML file.
>	vtkVRMLExporter *writer = vtkVRMLExporter::New();
>	writer->SetFileName( "test.vrml" );
>	writer->SetRenderWindow( this->renWindow );
>	writer->SetInput( this->renWindow );
>	writer->Write();
>Then, I double clicked the file name "test.vrml" in Windows Explorer. The
>Microsoft Internet Explorer poped up but nothing showed up. I checked system
>setting and found the Microsoft VRML viwer 2.0 was instlled. I don't know
>what was wrong, writing or the viewer? Please help.

Don't know if it's a genuine flaw or just something I'm doing wrong, but
I've never managed to successfully view a vrml file that I've created under
vtk if it has triangle strips in it. I'm reluctant to blame vtk because
I've never spent any time trying to see if there is a bug, but if you have
strips in yours you may have the same problem. Int.Exp. always hangs and
nothing ever appears...

John B

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