[vtk-developers] GSoC 2015

Yuuto Tokunaga toku.yuuto at gmail.com
Fri Mar 20 07:29:53 EDT 2015


I'm Yuto Tokunaga. I'm a 2nd student of Osaka Univ in Japan, majoring in
Physics. I'm interested in some project ideas for GSoC 2015 show below.

*KiwiViewer on VTK*
I'm interested in mobile development and have some experience of Android
Development. I also have experience of GUI application (part time job and
my hobby project).

*OpenFOAM Catalyst adaptor*
I'm interested in this project because I'd used OpenFOAM to visualize
result of simulation of thermal convection. When I visited a laboratory
studying thermal fluid dynamics, I used OpenFOAM and ParaView (ParaFOAM) to
simulate Benard cells.

I'm wavering to submit proposal for which project. I don't have so much
experience with CFD, so I think I'm unsuitable for the latter project.
Please give me some advice.
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