[vtk-developers] Generated doc for wrapper interfaces

Jim Peterson jimcp at cox.net
Sun Dec 5 13:49:56 EST 2010

I added a java example 
to the vtk wiki that uses the vtkCanvas interface class and I noticed 
there is nowhere for the doxygen link to go for the vtk class used named 
vtkCanvas. This appears to be true for all of the java classes in the 
<vtkhome>/wrapping/java/vtk directory. those classes are  included in 
the vtk package created with the VTK_WRAP_JAVA option as if they are a 
part of vtk to the java user. I noticed there is no vtkCanvas, or the 
class it extends vtkPanel, Class documentation in Doxygen, and there is 
no useful javadoc created for these classes during the build.
What would need to happen to document the set of java functions in these 
and any other wrapper specific classes?

thanks for any ideas,
Jim Peterson

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