[vtk-developers] QVTKWidget update

John Biddiscombe (CSCS) biddisco at cscs.ch
Thu Jan 20 07:08:48 EST 2005


This is great news. What happens if I want to make a small adjustment to 
the code, but I'm using Qt free edition? Suppose I commit a fix to 
vtkRenderWindow and this requires a change to stuff like the QtWidget, 
can I make changes?

What happens if I make a big adjustment to the code : like adding a 
QvtkTransferfunctionEditor class? (I'm tempted to go back to using 
wxWidgets, because the licensing is so much easier)


> Hi all,
> Finally got word from Trolltech about putting QVTKWidget, a set of 
> code to display a VTK window in a Qt GUI.
> The licensing issues are coming to a close.  It can be used by anyone 
> (free or commercial license of Qt), and observance to Qt's licensing 
> agreements will keep it that way.
> I'm getting it ready to put into the VTK repository and would like 
> feedback if anyone disagrees with this layout.
> I'll put QVTKWidget library and designer plugin library source in
> VTK/Utilities/QVTKWidget
> And put a few examples in
> VTK/Examples/GUI/Qt/ ...
> That's similar to the layout we had in vtkSNL for the last year.
> QVTKWidget will have to build AFTER the other VTK libraries are built, 
> and everything else in the Utilities directory is built BEFORE the VTK 
> libraries.  So I was thinking putting the SUBDIRS in the 
> VTK/CMakeLists.txt file with appropriate CMake commands around it.
> Thanks,
> Clinton Stimpson
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