[vtk-developers] more on -> VolPro build fails - can't find

anast.jm at pg.com anast.jm at pg.com
Wed Nov 7 20:05:59 EST 2001

vtkVolumeProVG500Mapper.h  ---- seems to assume some path other than that in cmake setting

#ifdef _WIN32
#include "VolumePro/inc/vli.h"
#include "vli/include/vli.h"

---------------------- Forwarded by John Anast-JM/PGI on 11/07/2001 08:05 PM

To:   "Vtkdevelop (E-mail)" <vtk-developers at public.kitware.com>
Subject:  VolPro build fails - can't find  (Document link: John Anast-JM

Todays nightly build is failing when trying to build the VolPro classes.
I noticed the VP1000 is now supported (wish I had one) so some of the cache
settings have changed. I set the FOR_VG500 lib and include paths in cmake
but it seems to be using some other path???

P:\WinCVS\vtk40\VTK\Rendering\vtkVolumeProVG500Mapper.h(80) :
fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'VolumePro/inc/vli.h': No such file or directory

cmake path is P:/VolProAnast/v21/inc not VolumePro/inc


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