[vtk-developers] vtknew tree and testing / examples

Sebastien BARRE sebastien at barre.nom.fr
Wed Jun 27 14:53:28 EDT 2001

At 27/06/2001 13:45, Lorensen, William E (CRD) wrote:
>If an "example" is not built every night, I predict it will stop working 
>quickly. If we ship it, we
>should build it and run it. Otherwise, take it out off the tree.

I guess you are referring to C++ examples, aren't you ? You mean that they 
have to build correctly, at least (i.e. be syntactically correct).

But the vast majority of examples are scripts. Most of them are just not 
valuable as tests, but are still a great learning ressource. Moreover, 
there is no easy way to automatically check that they run correctly (except 
the trivial case when they crash at the very beginning).

This is especially true for examples involving a GUI, where we would have 
to check that the script ran correctly into the event loop (we would have 
to break it thereafter). Since I've noticed an increasing interest in the 
GUI topic on the user lists, we just can't afford removing scripts on a 
"automated basis" : I guess we have to check them manually and maintain them.

But indeed this is true, we should clean the examples, check these that 
have to be kept and/or "upgraded/corrected" if needed, etc.

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