[vtk-developers] vtknew tree and testing / examples

Sebastien BARRE sebastien at barre.nom.fr
Wed Jun 27 15:16:55 EDT 2001

At 27/06/2001 14:18, David Gobbi wrote:

>In fact, if an 'example' breaks even  though none of the 'tests' do, it
>suggests that a new 'test' is needed that specifically covers the broken
>portion of the example.


>I have a very strong interest in making VTK more accessible to new
>users because I spend huge amounts time on VTK support.

Same for me ! I'm receiving private emails *every day*. The best I can do 
at that time is to forward these users to the mailing list, and I guess 
that's the same for David, unless we find some time or when it's directly 
specific to our topic.

>separating 'tests' from 'examples' will certainly be a help.


>improvements to the VTK API and documentation would also help, but
>we all have limited time... many thanks to Sebastien for his outstanding

Thanks. But I just can't allocate enough time to improve the documentation 
scripts, for example. Maybe at the end of this year :)

I know that my "VTK Links" page is also read very often, and I'll overhaul 
it before the end of the summer to allow anyone to put links much more easily.

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