[vtk-developers] Holiday greetings and a present of VTK4.0

Will Schroeder will.schroeder at kitware.com
Tue Dec 26 07:37:58 EST 2000

Hi John-

Kitware (as part of the NLM contract) have successfully demonstrated a 
wrapping tool that essentially will wrap anything, and I mean anything. The 
secret is that we modified gcc to dump its internal program representation 
out as XML code. We then read the XML with a separate program and create 
bindings to other languages (i.e., Tcl, etc.) We believe that there is a 
very good chance that the modification we made to gcc will be adopted by 
the gcc community, based on the feedback that we are receiving from the 
developers. The guy who did most of the work, Brad King, was a summer 
student at RPI, but is resuming his work at Kitware starting Jan. 15 after 
graduating this December (so the good news is that this is a funded effort, 
and will happen quickly once Brad starts up.)

    * because gcc runs after the preprocessor, etc., it will handle macros.
    * We decided to go the gcc route because we needed to swallow the 
heavily templated code that
       the NLM Insight projects has created.

Again, this is mainly funded by NLM. This is a more flexible build 
environment than what VTK uses. It is also cross-platform and can generate 
native MSVC++ projects, etc. I've included and early description, we aren't 
quite done yet, but sometime the next few months it'll happen.

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