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Stephen R. Aylward aylward at unc.edu
Thu Mar 17 09:08:39 EST 2005

Thank you for your open-source contribution!

Under funding from the NLM, we are developing a website where you'll be 
able to list your software, find other people's software, have forum 
discussions, etc. regarding open-source medical image analysis software.

The site (you'll want to use a bookmark for this!) is

The site is NOT ready yet...but let us (jjomier at cs.unc.edu and 
aylward at unc.edu) know if you have suggestions.   I'll also add your 
software to the lists that we are compiling!


Mathieu De Craene wrote:
> Le mercredi 16 mars 2005 à 21:34 +0100, Stefan Klein a écrit :
>>Hi all,
>>We have created some classes that are useful for us. We hope also for other 
>>people, so we would like to contribute them. The code can be found for 
>>download on:
>>	http://www.isi.uu.nl/People/Stefan/
>>- itkEulerTransform.h: This class is a wrap around the Euler2DTransform and 
>>the Euler3DTransform. In this way it is templated over the dimension, like 
>>other Transform-classes.
>>- SimultaneousPerturbation.zip: This class implements the so-called 
>>Simultaneous Perturbation method as an ITK optimizer. For more info on this 
>>optimization method, go to:
>>	http://www.jhuapl.edu/SPSA
> I have also have some code for SPSA optimization. I found it quite
> useful for rigid registration (it seems to be pretty robust). The source
> code for a rigid registration application based on ITK is available on 
> http://euterpe.tele.ucl.ac.be/Waleo2/vesale/
> I would like to compare our implementations of this optimizer.
> Regards,
> Mathieu.
>>- FullSearch.zip: This class implements a (semi-)Full Search optimization 
>>routine. This can be useful for research, to scan the optimization surface, 
>>or to evaluate the result of other optimizers. It allows the user to
>>specify which parameters should be evaluated, in which range.
>>Since we have contributed 3 things now, we also have a feature request; as 
>>a reward :-)
>>Would it be possible to add a public function to the 
>>MattesMutualInformationImageToImageMetric that forces the metric to select 
>>new spatial samples? This would be useful if you would want new spatial 
>>samples every iteration for example.
>>We hope that the contributions are useful. Any comments are welcome!!
>>Marius and Stefan.
>>Marius Staring, Stefan Klein
>>Image Sciences Institute
>>University Medical Centre Utrecht
>>Heidelberglaan 100, 3584 CX Utrecht, The Netherlands
>>phone: +31 (0)30 250 3186, fax: +31 (0)30 251 3399
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