[CDash] LDAP Authentication Issues

Martin, Mark martinma at ornl.gov
Wed Mar 6 18:49:17 UTC 2019


I've established a CDash and have successfully authenticated, via database authentication, the original admin user.  However, I am experiencing difficulty authenticating other users via LDAP.  My LDAP configuration, generally speaking, looks like this:

$CDASH_LDAP_HOSTNAME = 'myldapserver.mydomain.com';
$CDASH_LDAP_BASEDN = 'ou=Users,dc=mydc,dc=mydc2';

I have concern that CDash may not be able to connect via ldaps://myldapserver.mydomain.com/.

I am experiencing a login screen that just spins (loading) for ~3 minutes before refreshing the login screen.  No error messages are being generated in the cdash.log file and no error messages are being displayed in the UI.

Does anyone have any thoughts or advice on how I should proceed?

Best regards,

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