[CDash] Branch Coverage with GCov

Cristian Morales Vega christian.morales.vega at gmail.com
Mon Feb 25 17:53:47 UTC 2019


I have tried to reproduce
https://blog.kitware.com/additional-coverage-features-in-cdash/ but I
have had no luck.

The gcov.tar file is being created. I guess uploaded, but it's not
100% clear from the ctest output. In CDash I can't see coverage
information at all. And I'm wondering why the script uses
ctest_coverage_collect_gcov() instead of ctest_coverage().

Before trying to reproduce with branch_coverage_example.tar.gz I was
trying to do it in my project by using ctest_coverage and basically
just trying to add -b or -c to CTEST_COVERAGE_EXTRA_FLAGS. There I got
the coverage info, as always... but with no extra branch information I
could see.

Regression? There is something obvious I can't see?

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