[CDash] Submitted "files" presentation

Cristian Morales Vega christian.morales.vega at gmail.com
Tue Feb 26 16:07:28 UTC 2019

ctest_submit() let's you submit PARTS, but also FILES. I have
submitted a file with the output of "llvm-cov" with Source-based Code
Coverage. I know CDash only supports gcov coverage right now, I don't
expect to get full support for it. But I was hoping to be able to
access the submitted file somehow from the CDash web view, linked
somehow to the build. Maybe some "Extra files" section or something.

I can't see the file at all. I know it was "submitted" to CDash... and
that's it. No idea if it was actually stored somewhere or anything.

What's the purpose of ctest_submit(FILES) and, does CDash has any
support for it?

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