[CDash] Where and how to display git SHA of commit at CDash dashboard?

Zack Galbreath zack.galbreath at kitware.com
Tue Jan 30 14:55:12 UTC 2018

On Wed, Jan 24, 2018 at 10:29 AM, Niels Dekker <
niels_dekker_address_until_2024 at xs4all.nl> wrote:

> What would be the most appropriate way to display the SHA of the last
> commit at the CDash dashboard?
> This question was asked already by James Foucar and answered by David
> Cole, on September 27, 2016:
>   "[CDash] uploading commit info to cdash dashboard"
>   https://public.kitware.com/pipermail/cdash/2016-September/001701.html
> Now I wonder if there's any update  :-)

As Dave Cole mentioned, we now display the git commit (if available) in the
Update column on index.php.  We have a couple features left to port before
we can upgrade my.cdash.org.

You can still get this information uploaded to CDash even if you rely on
some external mechanism to update your source code repository:


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