[CDash] newbie questions

Reuben Kraft reuben.kraft at gmail.com
Thu Mar 30 17:04:14 UTC 2017


First, let me apologize for my installation/newbie questions. I know they
are a pain to deal with. I am totally new to CDash, but recently the team I
work with just starting developing our own code and are rapidly developing.
We are using github for version control and I want to introduce regression
testing into the process. I came across Cdash and liked the web-based
visualization capability.

 I started to go through the installation process but thought I better
check on some things since I am totally new to all the dependencies that
cdash needs (i.e. apache, mysql, php). Getting this up and running looks
like it will be a challenge for me.

 I also found the my.cdash.org website and created a project, but then I
got confused. I think I have two questions right now.

1) I am confused what relationship the my.cdash.org website has with my
local install of cdash and dependencies. Can I do one instead of the other?

2) If I am using github, and I commit a code change. When does cdash come
into the picture? Do I need to run the regression tests on my local machine
and then tell cdash to “inspect” the results?

Again, sorry for the newbie questions. I am happy to go read documentation
if there is a good starting point, but the even the user’s guide online
still seems a bit advanced for my level of understanding right now.


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