[Cdash] test.xml results are not being merged

sun sun truemailnow at gmail.com
Thu Jun 23 13:45:40 UTC 2011


I am submitting two test.xml files to cdash.

The first is the default "Test.xml" file that is generated, and the
other is "Test_2.xml" which has exactly the same format as the
Test.xml, but with different set of test result information.

As per the following link,
we can conclude that cdash merges the results of Test_2.xml with
Test.xml (for the same build-stamp).

I am using CTEST_EXTRA_SUBMIT_FILES() for submitting the Test_2.xml file

The Test_2.xml file is being uploaded to CDash.
I can say this from the fact that I can see two files having names
Test.xml in the CDash folder on the machine where CDash is installed.
One of these files is the copy of Test.xml, and the other is the copy
of Test_2.xml.

But on the CDash Dashboard, I can see only the results of Test.xml
(Test_2.xml results are not merged).

Do I need to check/verify any configuration?


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