[Cdash] source repository URL shown in CDASH

girish hilage girish_hilage at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 18 09:27:45 UTC 2011


   I have a query regarding the source file URLs shown whenever there are some build errors in the build submitted to CDASH.

   For source files containing compile time errors there is a URL shown in CDASH as follows :

   CVS/SVN    http://<repository_address>/browser/path/to/source/file

   but my actual should URL also contain "trunk/" after the word "browser/" in the URL.

   To achieve this I am giving following value in :
   Repository ViewerURL: <repository_address>/browser/trunk/

   But, this gives me final URL in CDASH as :

   CVS/SVN    http://<repository_address>/browser/trunk/browser/path/to/source/file

   i.e. word "browser/" is again appended to whatever URL I have given in "Repository ViewerURL".

   Can I prevent word "browser/" from getting appended to the URL I am giving?


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