[Cdash] Coverage results with two subprojects in the project summary page

Wojciech Migda wojtek.golf at interia.pl
Thu Dec 30 15:48:14 UTC 2010


I have a dashboard script which for the two handled subprojects does code
coverage analysis. In the project summary
(index.php?project=FOO_PROJECT&display=project) the Experimental
section displays summarized results for both subprojects, however, in the
Coverage section only results for the second subprojects are displayed once
the dashboard script does its job. Interestingly, in the interim moment
when all the results of the first for the first subprojects were submitted
but the second one is in progress the Coverage section is able to list
results for the first subproject - but once the data for the second one is
submitted the first one dissappears from the summary.

Is it desired behaviour or rather in the project summary coverage results
should be shown merged together ?

I'm using CDash 1.6.4 and CTest 2.8.3


Wojciech Migda

BTW: name of the button Upgrade CDash in the Maintenance subpage suggests that one could initiate CDash upgrade with it, however, it doesn't seem to be in may case. Am I misunderstanding its purpose ?

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