[Cdash] HTTPS submissions: 8kb file size limit

Jens Wetzl jens.wetzl at gmail.com
Fri Dec 31 02:55:51 UTC 2010

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to submit build results to a CDash that's only accessible through
HTTPS (not HTTP, and I can't do anything about that). Since I couldn't find
a ctest binary with HTTPS support, I compiled it from source and linked
against this version of OpenSSL:

Submissions do work, but if one of the xml files (Update.xml, Build.xml,
...) is larger than 8kb then the information in that file is ignored by
CDash. For example, if Build.xml is >8kb, then on the overview screen, the
build column is green indicating that the file has been included in the
upload, but the errors and warnings Build.xml contains aren't displayed
(overview lists 0 errors and 0 warnings, detail pages don't show the actual
error messages). ctest doesn't show any errors when submitting, even with

The only thing I modified in the ctest source is setting
server's certificate is self-signed (don't ask...).

I'm wondering on which side to look for the error: is it more likely a
server-side limit imposed by the HTTP server or PHP (though from what I've
seen, only HTTP GET and POST are limited by PHP, not HTTP PUT which ctest
uses) or my makeshift ctest binary that fails to submit larger files
correctly over HTTPS?

My setup:
CDash version 1.8.1 on a Linux machine (unfortunately I don't have any
CMake source version 2.8.3, built with VS2008
Win32 OpenSSL v1.0.0c
Submissions made from a WinXP SP3 32bit machine

Thanks in advance,
happy new year!
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