[Cdash] Kitware Software Developer’s Quarterly Newsletter

Julien Jomier julien.jomier at kitware.com
Thu Oct 22 21:35:56 UTC 2009


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The latest edition of the Kitware Source is now available online. The 
Kitware Software Developer’s Quarterly Newsletter contains articles 
related to the development of Kitware projects in addition to a myriad 
of software updates, news and other content relevant to the open source 

Subscribing to the Source is free. If you would like to receive a hard 
copy of the Source each quarter, please contact the editor at 
kitware at kitware.com, be sure to include your full name and postal 
mailing address in the email. Or, as always, you can access the Source 
for free online at http://kitware.com/products/thesource.html.

In this issue, Thomas Otahal, of Sandia National Labs, discusses the 
integration of MatLab and GnuR with Kitware’s Visualization Toolkit. Pat 
Marion introduces a new extension to the ParaView Python interface, 
called Python trace which generates human readable Python scripts that 
mimic user actions in the GUI. Andrew Maclean, from the Australian 
Centre for Field Robotics (ACFR), discusses ACFR’s use of Kitware’s 
open-source toolkits in order to manage a development environment that 
is cross-platform, supports code reuse, and is responsive to change. 
Utkarsh Ayachit provides a brief tutorial on adding representation 
plugins in ParaView. Andrew Maclean, from ACFR, discusses the use of 
ParaView in a mining research environment. And David Cole provides a 
tutorial on building external projects with CMake 2.8.

The Kitware Source is just one of a suite of products and services that 
Kitware offers to assist developers in getting the most out of its 
open-source products. Each project’s website contains links to free 
resources including mailing lists, documentation, FAQs and Wikis. In 
addition, Kitware supports its open-source projects with technical 
books, user’s guides, consulting services, support contracts and 
training courses. For more information on Kitware’s suite of products 
and services, please visit our website at www.kitware.com.

To contribute to Kitware’s open source dialogue in future editions, or 
for more information on contributing to specific projects, please 
contact the editor at kitware at kitware.com.

Kitware would like to encourage our active developer community to 
contribute to the Source. Contributions may include a technical article 
describing an enhancement you’ve made to a Kitware open-source project 
or successes/lessons learned via developing a product built upon one or 
more of Kitware’s open-source projects. Authors of any accepted article 
will receive a free, five volume set of Kitware books.


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